Meghan Cook

Meghan Cook Photo

Meghan holds a B.A. in Criminology with a concentration in Psychology from Carleton University, as well as a diploma with honors in Police Foundations from Algonquin College. She is a former armed close protection officer to the Prime Minister and had been the first female to hold that position in six years. After a traumatic car accident and now living with chronic pain, Meghan works as a Committee Assistant for the House of Commons, where she’s responsible for providing specialized administrative, logistical, and publishing services to Procedural Clerks; to standing, legislative, joint (Senate), special and subcommittees of the House of Commons.

Meghan is also a survivor of domestic violence and takes a strong interest in advocating for herself and for other survivors. After receiving direct assistance from OVS in her personal life over the last few years, she found that it was her calling to give back to an organization that helped her and her children so much!

Meghan is also a newly self-published author of the inclusive children’s lullaby book ‘My Bedtime Song’, in which her two young daughters are the illustrators. She has a strong passion for supporting and collaborating with locally owned businesses in the Ottawa and surrounding areas. Her message is one of comfort and wanting every child to feel comfortable and confident about their unique family makeup, whether due to family separation circumstances or within the LGTBQ+ community. A portion of her book sales are donated to local charities that support victims of domestic violence.